Stop Creating Calendar Events from Emails

If you’ve recently booked a hotel, a flight or some other things like restaurant reservations or concert tickets, you may have noticed corresponding events in your Google Calendar.

For many of us, these are helpful reminders, which is why Google does it by default.

What if you use something like TripIt to manage your travels? You may want to disable auto importing events from your Google (aka Gmail or G Suite) Mail.

  • Open your Google Calendar. (If you’re using Outlook with Apps Sync, you’ll need to actually go to in your browser.)
  • Click the settings gear at the top right.
  • Scroll down to Events from Gmail
  • Uncheck “Add automatically”
  • Save!

Now events will not be added automatically. If you decide you miss this functionality, just go back to the same spot and check the box.

It probably goes without saying, but if you generally like this feature, but need to remove a specific event, you can click on the event and then delete it by clicking the trash can.

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